Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Love

This is our 3rd spring in this house.

The first year, we planted lots of shrubs and flowers.  We'd never done it before, so we just bought things that looked pretty.  We didn't know anything about our flower bed and the amount of sun it got, so there were some things that grew really well and some that didn't grow at all!

The second year, Lucas was just a few months old, so I didn't have time to plant anything.  It was just too crazy around here!

This year, we were a little smarter about what we bought and where we planted it.  We moved some things around to different beds where they got more shade and made sure we bought things that were okay with lots of sun for the front!

It looks gorgeous and I'm so excited about it!  We made a bed in the back yard for the first time and everything is growing so well!

Here's the front porch.  Please ignore Nick's shoes in the background;)  We had some monkey grass last  year, but it did so well we added more this year!  The petunias are looking amazing and the lovely purple arrangement is from my mom!  Just love it;)

This is a smaller bed to the right of the porch.  We added two azaleas to the ends this year.

We also added black mulch to every bed this year and it gives it just the pop it needed!

Here's the larger bed to the left of the porch.  We need to trim the giant Crepe Myrtles and we added a Japanese Maple to the left this year, so it's so tiny, but I think it looks good:)  I can't wait for the marigolds to bloom some more.  I love the yellow!

We added some flowers to the bed on the side of the house and we moved the hydrangeas and hostas over there so they would get more shade!

And like I said, we added a bed to the backyard this year.  I love it too:)

We do need to weed a little bit in the paving stones, but I'm just so happy with the way everything turned out this year!