Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer: Week 7

This week was another busy one and I didn't do very well at documenting:(

Sunday after Sunday School, we all spend time in our classroom oohing and aahing over the babies:)  We were able to get a pretty good shot of Lucas and his little (I say little, even though he's taller!) friend Brody!

Monday we went to the lake and I had my camera, but I spent my time skiing so I wasn't able to take any pictures.  I hadn't skied in so long and I was sore, but it was so fun!!!

Tuesday Nick had to go to Coweta (a post about that later) so Lucas and I spent our time at Mimi's.  We played in the pool and then when Poppy got home he shared his drink:)  Lucas loves drinking out of a straw!

Wednesday was the 4th of July!  The only picture I got of Lucas was in our hallway right before we went to some friends for the evening.  I don't know what my deal was this week!

We spent the day laying out by Papa's pool then we went to our friend's that evening.  I was burnt, burnt, burnt!!  Our Sunday School teacher's wife took this picture of my friends Mika and Keylie and me!

On any given day you can find Lucas in his room surrounded by his books!  He just loves looking through them.  He stays in there for a long time and is totally content.  So cute and I hope that love for reading continues!

And Friday we did something crazy!  Well not too crazy, but a little scary...we put our house up for sale!!!  Again, I'll post about this soon, but be praying for it to sell!!!!

And that's it for pictures from last week.  I told you it was bad:(  I promise I'm doing better this week!

Even though I don't have very many pictures, it was another good week!!!!!!

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