Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer: Week 6

Gosh, another fun and busy week!

**Warning: A lot of pictures in this post!!

It started off with Lucas' first time with a sprinkler!  He absolutely loved running through it and getting his face in it:)

Then we went to Papa's and Nana took a picture of me reading him a story!  I love this picture:)  He looks so happy!!

Then on Tuesday, Nick and I dropped Lucas' off at Papa's and headed to Dallas for our 4th anniversary trip!!!

Our first destination was the outlet mall!  Nick got me my first Coach for my anniversary!  I was so excited:)

We then checked into our hotel, got dressed and headed out to eat!

My sweet cousin and his wife had just been to Dallas and recommended Rafain Brazilian Steakhouse:) It was delicious and since we told them we were down for our anniversary, they brought us special dessert!  It was really sweet:)

We also got this picture of Lucas that day.  Grammy picked him up and he loved swimming and playing outside with her:)

We then headed to Studio Movie Grill to see "Rock of Ages".  Hey, it's our anniversary...we are staying out late!!!  We walked into the movie and it was set up like a little sat in big arm chairs (office style) and sat at a table.  You pushed a little red button and a waiter came around and took your order!  It was so fun:)  We had just had a huge meal and dessert, so a Diet Coke was all I needed! So fun, though:)

The next morning, we got up and headed to Ikea!!!  We had a blast.  Nick had never been and he was very impressed!

We ate lunch at In 'n Out!!  It was so yummy and the menu is simple!  It was also very cheap:)  Loved it!

Mimi met Grammy in Claremore and kept Lucas for the rest of the trip!  Mimi (my mom) didn't even make Lucas wear a swimsuit:)

Then, since I'm married to a history buff and we are big Kennedy nerds and as a little ode to my dad, we headed to the Sixth Floor Museum where JFK was shot!  I had been when I was younger, but Nick had never been.  Also, we had just watched "The Kennedy's" HBO mini-series, so it was a really neat thing to see.  It's just the saddest story:(

Here's the famous window where Lee Harvey Oswald stood

Sittin on the grassy knoll

Nick standing on the "X" where JFK's car was

And Dealey Plaza where the crowd of people were watching him

After that, we cooled off a little and headed to the Texas Rangers baseball game.  Nick's such a huge baseball fan and wants to see as many ballparks as he can in his lifetime.  He really loves the Cardinals, but he just loves baseball, so if we're in a town that has a team, we will try and go see them:)

A little batting practice before the game

The view from our seats

Josh Hamilton

The guy in the green shirt in the front row is President George Bush, the man in the navy sitting next to him is Nolan Ryan (famous Rangers player and now owner), the lady in the white is Nolan's wife, and the lady in the aqua is First Lady Laura:)  So fun spotting them!

And me and my man before the games started!  Don't worry, the seats were full during the game:)  Haha!

We had a great time with each other!  It was needed more than I can even tell you:)  Thursday morning, we headed home.  We got to Mom's house and Lucas played outside and swam and Nick looked funny watching him, so I took a picture:)

We headed home on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend cooking for a baby shower!  Lucas loved to help:)

It was a great little vaca with my man, but we missed Lucas so much too!  Another great week:)

Can't believe it's already July!!!

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Sarah said...

I'm glad you guys had a great trip! Looks like so much fun! We love spending time with you and your family!