Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer: Week 9

I know I'm way behind on this post, but we were in Florida this past week (I'll post about that soon)!!

Oh well...better late than never, right?

Our week started with a kids meal for me...I absolutely love peanut butter & jelly and I love puffy Cheetos:)

And a nap with Daddy:)

Tuesday we had some men come and cut branches of our tree that was hanging in the road.  It was fascinating!  One guy was way up high in a bucket cutting and the other two were shoving huge branches into this chopper.  It was a little scary (hoping they wouldn't get sucked in too...think "Fargo") but just so cool:)  Of course no one got hurt!

That afternoon Lucas started messing around with a hairband I have (one that goes around my head to keep my super-annoying-bangs-I'm-trying-to-grow-out out of my face) and Nick thought he looked like LeBron James!  Haha:)

And that night we had chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner and Lucas learned how to eat mashed potatoes...with his fingers!  He dipped them in and then stuck them in his mouth.  It was so funny:)  He absolutely loved them!

The next day we headed to Tulsa!  I had a meeting to fill out some paperwork for Union and Lucas had a good time playing with Uncle Callen and Aunt Cassie:)

We stayed the night and Mommy did some more work in her classroom and Daddy took Lucas to swim at their apartment pool!!

Friday we had a pretty lazy day at home, but there's been a new development in Lucas' pooping here lately.  He has gone to hide or put himself in a corner.  Well, this time he moved toys in his room out of the way so he could have a corner to poop in.  So funny!

Friday night we went to a surprise party for a friend in our Sunday School class.  He turned 30!!!  Lucas had so much fun playing with the balloons!!

Saturday evening, as has been tradition for the past few Saturdays this summer, Nick has played church softball!  Their games are at different times every week and usually we can go to one and be home before Lucas' bedtime.  Not this time!  They started over an hour later than planned, but he didn't mind. He had lots of water and 2 suckers (the little ones from the bank) and he even played in the dirt!  I know bad mom, but typical boy and he loved it:)

Here he is in his sweaty, sucker drool glory!  Red cheeks and all:)

After this we got busy for our Florida trip will be blogged about very soon!

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