Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer: Week 8

This past week started out just as Sunday afternoons should...with naps!  I take a nap every Sunday afternoon (if I can); I can't live without them!  But, they are especially good when my little man joins me:)  He didn't stay here for very long because I wouldn't have been able to sleep well and neither would he, but it was amazing while it lasted!

We then headed to Papa's to swim and our friends joined us.  We were too busy swimming to get any pictures, but we went and played at their house after.  Lucas had fun on her little bouncy horse:)

Monday morning Lucas got on his own little toy, only it doesn't bounce.  He's got to push his feet to make it move forward.  We have been practicing and he finally figured it out!!

We then headed to town later that day and we put Lucas' hat on.  Somehow he figured out how to turn it sideways and he looked like a little gansta:)

Tuesday morning he had some yogurt with his breakfast and things got a little crazy!!  He started out eating very well with a spoon.  A little messy, but no big deal:)

Then when he got to the bottom, he turned it over to get some more out and it all of the sudden became like fingerpaint!  It was everywhere:)

Since he loved this so much, that afternoon we pulled out the play dough!!!  I'd never given it to him before, but he really liked it.  We also got the crayons out too and he liked them okay, but he was more interested in putting them back in their box:)

On Wednesday, we headed to our new town of Broken Arrow!  Nick had to sign his contract at Coweta and Mom, Cassie and I worked on my classroom:)  Uncle Callen babysat Lucas while he napped!  They have such a good time together.  Nick and I also met with a sitter for Lucas.  I think it's going to work out very well!  We then met Mom, Aunt Cassie and Uncle Callen at Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  So yummy!!  I'm pretty sure they were staring at Lucas' at this point!

Thursday we got our house ready for a garage sale!  We are moving, so we have cleaned out closets and our shed and we had some things to get rid of.  We sold quite a bit.  We had it Friday and Saturday morning starting at 7a.  At 6:30a on Friday, the first lady showed up!  That's when I took this;)

People stopped coming about 11:30a and Nick decided to show off his mad basketball spinning skills and Lucas got a little too close:(  Nick caught him with his fingernail and Lucas got some battle wounds.

Nick felt so bad!  Poor guy.  Lucas barely cried and he smiled at Daddy while he cleaned it all up:)  We're all good!!

We sold most everything Friday which was good because we had to close up shop early on Saturday for a wedding between my dear step-sister Kendall and her man Cameron:)  Mom took some pictures, but I haven't gotten any off her camera yet.  I stole this of the lovely bride and groom from Facebook!!

We had a lot of fun and got a lot done, but we still have so much to do!

We listed our house with a realtor today, so please pray it will sell fast!!!  I'd greatly appreciate it.

All in all, another busy week, but another great one!!!

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Erin said...

So excited for all of the changes coming up for your family! And, of course, Lucas is just too cute. :)