Monday, February 20, 2012

13 Months (A Week Late)

My dear little man,

You are now 13 months old! I can remember last year at this time when you were just one month old and how different things were that first month. We were definitely starting to figure you out. But now that we've figured even more out, there is still so much we don't know! You definitely keep us surprised and keep us learning and growing as parents. You make it such an adventure:)

You were supposed to have your one-year check-up on January 16 (three days after your birthday), but your doctor had to have surgery so they moved it to February 7. Then, your doctor got the flu, so it is scheduled for March 1. You will be almost 14months old by then! I can't wait to see how much you've grown and how much you weigh! We can definitely tell you are getting much taller! You can reach things and peek around things that you couldn't before!

You are still not walking, but we're hoping it's soon. We know you can do it, but you still don't know that:) You barely hold onto our fingers when you're walking and sometimes you'll take a few steps on your own, but then you "look down" and get nervous:) Mommy's getting very anxious, but you're just so calm and chill that I know you're not in any big hurry! You want Mommy to wait a little bit longer. Who knows?! You might not even take steps, you might just take off one day and never look back. I'm okay with that:)

Everyone says that I'll miss these crawling days because you'll get into everything when you walk, but you are already into everything! You can pull up and reach anything you want! You crawl very fast. You love to open drawers and cabinets and pull out utensils and pots and pans. You love to wedge yourself between the end table and the couch and you absolutely are obsessed with remotes and phones now! It will sometimes make you upset when we take it away, but it doesn't last very long and you get over it. You're pretty easy-going!

You are also loving your blocks right now and your puzzles. You always find the circles first and put them in the right places, then the stars! The triangles are definitely the hardest! When you put it in right place, you will look at us and clap because you know we're gonna cheer for you! I hope you always know this:) We are your biggest fans!

You are so active and curious and because of this, you've had two booboos. You were walking around the ocffee table at Nicole's (your babysitter's) and took a step toward the couch. When you did, you tripped and busted your lip. She said you only cried for a minute and then you were over it:) It never seemed to bother you, but it looked pretty pitiful:(

That very night, Mommy got home from the grocery store and you were looking at all the food I had bought. All of the sudden I noticed red stuff all over some of the groceries. I thought it was juice or something that spilled, but I didn't buy any! So, then I looked at you and you had red on your shirt, so I thought you hit your lip and caused it to open back up. That wasn't the case either! Mommy and Daddy were stumped and then we saw your hand and realized it was covered in blood. It made us really nervous for a few moments, but once we got it cleaned up, we realized you had a little cut on your thumb. You were just playing away and didn't even seem to notice! We still don't know what exactly you cut your thumb on, but you had to wear a bandaid for a few days. You did really well with it. You never tried to pull it off! You didn't use that hand for about 10 minutes after your band-aid was on, but then you figured out that it worked just fine! It was sad for Daddy and me, but you were so tough! It never bothered you:) You must have got that from your Grandpa Doug:)

You did go to his wrestling tournament this month and you had so much fun! You walked around on the mat and got to meet a lot of Grandpa Doug's friends. You also had a few dates with Mommy this month. You are such a fun travel partner:) You love to be in your stroller and observe all the people you see. Mommy gets so many compliments on you:)

You have also really started imitating sounds this month! You say Mama all the time now and when Daddy asks you where I am you find me and say "pretty, pretty". It's so sweet that Daddy taught you that:) You also will say "ball", "baa baa", "woof woof", and "toot toot". We're working on "bye bye" and "night night" now. You are really good at waving and blowing kisses and have easily picked up the signs for "more" and "all done". Oh, and you love fruit right now! You like kiwi, cuties and bananas a lot! If Mama holds the banana, you will eat it like a big person! It's hilarious:) You want to hold pieces of food and bite it off now instead of having everything torn up. This makes it so much easier on us:)

All in all, you are just developing so well! You are right on track (or passed the track in some areas) for your age and we couldn't be happier about that. I hope you'll learn to walk soon...I know you will! I'm sure I'll be writing about it in a few short weeks! You never cease to amaze us:)

We love you so much and always will!

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy


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He is so cute! And so smart with all his puzzles! Love these letters.

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