Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Love

Nick and I (along with Locust Grove Free Will Baptist) are reading our Bibles through this year! We are using the "M'Cheyne" reading plan. I have tried and tried to do this every year and I get through Genesis and Exodus, but then I get to Leviticus and Numbers, I get bored then I stop.

This is why this plan really interests me. You read one chapter from four different books each day. It started with Genesis, Matthew, Ezra and Acts. The idea is that by the end of the year you'll have read the Old Testament once, the New Testament twice and the Psalms twice. It's been amazing so far:)

One thing that makes it easier for me is because I have YouVersion on my Kindle Fire. It has many different plans to choose from, but also hundreds of different versions! This makes those books like Leviticus and Numbers not so boring! One version I've really fallen in love with is "The Message". I don't just use this version, but if I'm really having trouble understanding something, I pull up "The Message" and can read it in contemporary language that I will better understand. Some of the sections I don't like how it's written, like "The Beatitudes", but overall I really like it.

Wish Nick and I luck as we do this all year:) Pray that we will be diligent in our readings each night, pray that we will grow as a couple, grow as parents, grow as God's children through all this, and pray that we learn more about Him each day. This is really the whole point anyway:)


one of nettie's girls said...

Dennis, Katie and I are doing the plan, too. I am loving it. I need the structure and discipline.

Megan Reeves said...

Yes, I love having "plans" to keep me on track. I'm reading the entire Bible this year too with YouVersion, but I'm doing the CCV plan instead. It goes through a bit of both the New and Old testaments, and either Psalms or Proverbs each day. Good luck to you all!

Erin said...

Russell is doing some sort of version of this on the iPad each night, and he seems to really like the structure, too. Glad you found something you like!

LauniStokes said...

Dan and I joined that plan as well and we are loving it. I have tried in years past too and it just never worked. So far this is great!! I'm excited to see who else is doing this. It helps with accountability.