Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday Love (2 days late) and Halloween (2 weeks late?)

Wednesday Love: Infinity Scarves

These are amazing! I have this one from Old Navy, but I'm sure there are a million out there to choose from:) They are so nice because they look cute, keep you warm, and you don't have to worry about how to tie them or having them blow off in the wind:) Amazing!

Now, on to Halloween!

On the Saturday night before, as per our annual ritual, Nick and I carved pumpkins:)

Here he is carving

And here's the finished product: a wolf

Here I am carving

And my finished product: a haunted house

The next day on Halloween, my little man was a cow and since he's still too young to Trick or Treat, we just took him to our church's Trunk 'n Treat:)

Mimi even came up to see him:)

We had a little photo session on the porch with our pumpkins

Then we went to church and all the kids go up on stage and our preacher announces what they are so everyone can see

Here's my little cow with his farmer Daddy (who even shaved his beard into a mustache for the event!)

And my little family of three:) Just can't get enough of these two boys!! (and proof that I have that scarf)

We then headed outside for a few treats from the rest of his grandparents

Grammy and Grampy (Nick's mom and step-dad)

And Papa and Nana (Nick's dad and step-mom)

We had a great time:) Next year will bring even more fun and treats and I can't wait to experience that with him, but until then...I'll just enjoy every second with my little moo cow!!

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