Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Love: The Beard

Never in my life would I think I'd like a beard on my husband! There are some people that have beards and you couldn't ever picture them without them: Kevin Black, for one:)

Then there are some that try to grow beards and they look terrible and you desperately want them to shave them off!

Nick has always had a little 3-day shadow since right after we started dating. I really don't remember him with a smooth face! Well, he shaved everything off but a mustache for Halloween! Remember?

Well, I liked the stache, but he didn't, so he decided to shave it off and try out No Shave November! I absolutely love it:) It's so soft and I think he looks oh so handsome! I made him take a picture of himself and send it to me! Don't tell him I'm using it for the blog, okay?

I hope he keeps it:) Perfectly rugged. Perfect for winter, or all year long;)


Whitney said...

Haha! My dad!! He shaved it ONE TIME when I was little and I cried. Nick looks great!! Darin grew one one time and it was soooo not him. I didn't like it. But Nick can totally rock it. :)

Mrs. Maxson said...


I think so too!!