Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Year Ago (Part 2)

Sorry, for those that I kept hanging yesterday! Haha:) I didn't even know that many people read this thing;)

I know Lucas' birthday is not til Friday this year, but in my mind, I remember the days. He was born on a Thursday, so when I talk about one year ago, tomorrow I will recount his birth story, but I know it's not his actual birthday? Does that make sense?? I wish his birthday was always on a Thursday because that's what I remember!!


Anyway, one year ago today I went to work as usual. I can't tell you anything exciting that happened at work that day, but I remember doing a lot of lesson planning. I had an aide that had been here with me three years, so she knew my routine. She would be in charge of my class during my maternity leave, so I didn't have to do a whole lot to get her ready. I had to write down my passwords and my sources for lesson plans and a few strange reminders, but other than that I knew she'd be fine, so I didn't have to do a whole lot. However, I did a lot of it that day.

When I got home, I remember feeling a little bit of pain, but nothing too crazy. I just remember thinking "I think I'm done with this. I wish I didn't have 12 more days before his due date". I wasn't overly uncomfortable (except for at night), but I just remember feeling "done". We had a normal dinner that night and we decided to deep clean the bathrooms and the kitchen that night, too. Don't ask me why? After we did that, Nick decided to take a picture of my bare belly. I hadn't taken any pictures during the whole pregnancy, because I just don't particularly care for those pictures, but Nick wanted one. I will never show this picture to anyone, k?!

At 10p as we got into bed, he said "Since you did all your packing yesterday, I'll do a little of mine right now". I don't know why he thought it necessary at 10p, but he threw a few things into a bag. He finally fell asleep at 11:30p, but I wasn't tired.

Right at midnight, I felt a strange sensation and jumped up to run to the bathroom!!!

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