Monday, January 23, 2012

12 Months aka ONE YEAR

My dear little Lucas,

I guess you're not little anymore! You're a big one year old now! Mommy can't believe it:) We can't believe how fast this first year flew by! You have changed our lives in so many ways, but you just seem to fit right in. We have figured some things out and we are flowing really well!

The biggest events that went on this month were Christmas, New Year's and of course, your birthday!

I took this picture of you and Daddy leaving for church on Christmas Day! You looked so handsome in your outfit! People comment all the time how you don't look like a baby anymore, but a big boy! I totally believe them and you need to stop! Every once in awhile I see the "newborn Lucas" and it amazes me to think how much you've changed!

You didn't really understand Christmas, but you really loved it:) You loved all the family we saw, you love all your new toys, you loved the lights and the trees and the presents, and we loved seeing it through your eyes!

We didn't get to go to your one-year appointment on the 16th of this month because your doctor was sick, so we have to wait until February, but I can't believe how much you've grown! You are in size 4 diapers now and you wear 12-18 month clothes regularly, now. I don't think you've gained much weight because of your crawling and cruising, but you are definitely taller! I hope you get some of the Kern height:)

You eat everything we eat, pretty much! You absolutely love chicken, cheese, bread, macaroni, green beans, potatoes (of any kind), fish, bananas, eggs, pancakes, and applesauce! You drink milk like a champ, too! That was definitely not a difficult transition, so we're thankful for that!

You are still a great sleeper! Many times over the holidays we were somewhere later than your bedtime, so we would get you ready for bed over there, put you in your pack 'n play, and when we were ready to leave, you would sleep in the car on the way home and fall right to sleep when we put you in your crib! You make it so easy for us to visit and keep a little bit of a social life;)

You still aren't walking, but I don't think it will be long! I get nervous about it, but then you start to make major progress and my worries disappear...even if only for a little while;) You pull up on everything and you barely hang on! You will even let go sometimes for a few seconds, but once you realize that you're not holding anything, you plop down on your hiney! Good thing for the padding in your diaper:) Your walker is helping and so are the shoes we got you for your birthday! Your foot had gotten so big that you didn't have any shoes that fit, so you got two pair for your birthday. They are "Early Walkers" from Striderite and they already seem to be working! They are giving you more balance and once you get a little confidence, you'll let go and be off!

You still love your books and you love your "Praise Baby" DVDs. So many times, you will crawl back in your room and get all your books off your shelf! You are really good at flipping through pages and looking at them "right-side up". I hope this love for learning is always present!

By the time we go to the doctor, it'll almost be time to write your 13-month letter! What is happening? Now all of my memories from last year have you in it:) We will be going to the Doug Rial wrestling tournament this weekend (in memory of your Grandpa Doug) and we will have your second Valentine's Day! This baffles me!

I'm so happy you're a part of my life and God has allowed me to be a part of yours! You say "Ma-ma-ma" now for my name and Daddy has taught you to say "pretty pretty" when you find me! You can also say "baaa" when we ask you what a sheep says and sometimes "moo" for cow. You are just too sweet! I know you really want to talk, you just can't quite figure it out yet. I can't wait until you do:) What wonderful and funny things will come out of your mouth;)

Well, baby...we're just so happy that we have been blessed with such a sweet, beautiful, happy and healthy baby boy! One year with you has changed our lives for the better and been the best year of our lives! We are head over heels:)

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

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