Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Love

Lucas absolutely loves the kitchen! He loves to open drawers and get the utensils out; he loves to open cabinets and get the pots and pans out and when he's hungry, he opens the cabinet that has his plates, cups, bowls, etc. It's so cute:) He's so smart!

Well, when I found these, I couldn't pass them up! It was so difficult for me to find magnets. I bought the little letters at Wal-Mart, but he could put the whole letter in his mouth and they would slide under the fridge. Yuck!

He has the farm:

Here with all the animals

And the zoo:

Here with all the animals

They are LeapFrog. They are wonderful because they're big enough so he can grab them and they won't slide under the fridge, and he can't swallow them:) Also, they make music and teach him the animals sounds. It also tells you if you made a match and it plays a funny song:) Also, if you push the chick on the farm and the giraffe on the zoo, it plays all sorts of different songs:) This is his favorite part. He finds "The Farmer in the Dell" on the farm and immediately starts dancing and clapping!

This keeps him entertained while we're in the kitchen and he's learning at the same time!

Of course LeapFrog didn't pay me for this post, but I definitely recommend them:)

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