Monday, January 30, 2012

Everything's Changed

So I went with my mom, my sister and Lucas to the Doug Rial Memorial tournament this weekend. I can't believe how different it was! I mean, I know I went last year, but this is the year I really started to notice.

First of all, I have no idea who any of the wrestlers are or who the cheerleaders are. They were all in elementary when I graduated! That part is very different.

Second of all, there is no pomp and circumstance anymore. In the good ol' days, my dad would change into his shirt and tie for the finals; the homecoming attendants would put on dresses and hand out the medals; the finalists would be announced in a big line and shake their opponents hands. It was a big deal! Now, they run the tournament straight through so you barely even know when the finals are starting; the coaches wear the same clothes they've been wearing all day; they don't announce the finalists until they've already started wrestling; and the cheerleaders hand out the medals. In fact, I've heard of one tournament where the wrestlers go over to the medal table when their match is done and pick out their own medals...they don't even stand on the podium! Crazy, huh?

Also, there are no fans! I didn't see any Pryor High School students cheering their guys on and hardly any parents! Mom, Cassie and I didn't even know where to sit! We didn't see any fans!

Last, but not least, there were no cheerleaders! Pryor had cheerleaders and Inola, but that's it! The matches were so quiet! No fans cheered for their boys and no team brought cheerleaders! It was so sad and boring:(

I think my dad would be sad. I think he would not believe how little school spirit is there. It's the same way all over. Here in Miami and where my step-dad and sister are in Coweta. They have to pay their referies more than they make on a game or match. It's crazy! What happened????

They did announce that Mom, Cassie, Lucas and I were there. I know some of those people don't even know who my dad was so they don't know why/who it's named the way it is. So, that was neat so they can have a face to put with the name. We still want to keep his memory alive!

Nonetheless, we had fun and Lucas got to step on the mat. There are too many germs out there for him to crawl;) He loved how squishy it was, though!

We also took another podium picture. He peed all over his pants when Mimi was changing him (she's not use to changing a boy; you have to be fast!), so he just has a onesie on, but he still looked cute!

I wonder how different it will be next year???


Erin said...

Sorry it was so different, but glad you have such fond memories to keep with you always.

Megan Reeves said...

It is so sad how much it's all changed. I wish I could've been there! No matter what your dad would think about the tournament, he would SO proud of all of you! Love you!

Amber said...

This blows my mind. I can't believe they dont make a big deal out of finals/medals. I agree,I loved that the coaches dressed up for finals and the wrestlers shook their opponents hands, with lots of hype. That made it so special. But, I am so glad the sweet memories of your daddy live on. And, so glad you continue to attend the tournament!