Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Love: Dr Seuss

Hello all! We don't have Internet at our house right now, so I'm having to do my blogging at school and I kept forgetting to bring my camera to school...until today!

I absolutely love Dr. Seuss! I grew up reading his books, we spend a whole week dedicated to him at school, and when Lucas was born, we signed up for a Dr. Seuss book club. We get 3 books sent to us each month, so it's increased his collection and increased his love for books! He absolutely adores them and crawls to his room on his own to get them off the shelf! I love it:)

When it was time to start thinking about his first birthday theme, there was nothing else that came to mind; it had to be Dr. Seuss!

Today, I'll show you the Welcome signs, the Welcome table, and the treat bag table! Tomorrow, I'll show the food and Friday, I'll show party pics!! It would be way too many pictures to show in one day:) I have to break it up!

Pinterest helped me and so did Etsy!!!

Here's what you saw when you first walked up. A "Welcome" sign and many Dr. Seuss characters peeking around the door inviting you in.

Immediately to your right after you walked in, I had a Welcome table. It had a "Welcome" picture, the picture of the invitation, and a "guest book". I had a little card on the table asking everyone to sign his book..."Oh the Places You'll Go". I think it will be fun to look at that book someday and remember everyone who came to the party!

Here was the treat table. Each child had a bag with their name on it. They could get one of each thing.

Cookies (made by my mother-in-law)


Red Fish, Blue Fish soap


and Pins


Amanda Isaacs said...

Very cute!!! Which book club did you join?

Mrs. Maxson said...

Thanks! Early Moments:)

Whitney said...

How adorable!!!! Can't wait to see more!!