Friday, January 20, 2012


The party started off with food, of course:) We all just started eating and chatting:)

Here's Mommy with the Birthday Boy:)

A lot of the kiddies ate in the dining room

Then it was present time!

Everyone got us some amazing gifts:) We were so appreciative!

All the little kids wanted to help us open! It was so cute!

He especially loved the cards!

And one of our favorites was this chair from Papa and Nana (Nick's dad and step-mom). It's just the perfect size and it has his name on it:) Also, in this picture you can see his little birthday shirt! I got it off Etsy too!

Then it was cake time!

Here's the big cake! It was amazing! Decorated by Grammy (Nick's mom)

And here's his little highchair with the banner (I made), his hat (from Etsy) and his cake (from Grammy, Nick's mom)

Here's Mimi helping us light the candles (I had to hold his hands cuz I was afraid he'd burn himself)

And everyone singing to him:)

And first bite!

He didn't quite know what to do:) And why would he? He's never had to tear apart something so big before. His bites are always small enough for him to pick up:) So once we did that, he really liked it:) And once we got that silly hat off his head!

Family picture!

And a happy mommy with a messy baby:)

Now it's toy time!

And a picture of babies and mommys:) All these gorgeous women and babies are in our Sunday School class:) We were all pregnant at the same time!

From Right to Left and Oldest to Youngest)
Crystal and Grady (born in August), Nakilah and Alivia (born in November), Me and Lucas (born in January), and Sarah and Brody (born in April)

The babies had to be holding something to be still:)

I had so much fun planning it and we had so much fun having all our friends and famiiy in one place:) Thanks to everyone for making it so special:)


one of nettie's girls said...

I know the party was supposed to be all about Lucas but YOU look beautiful in all of the pictures!!!! Evidently mommyhood agrees with you. The party looks like it was a lot of fun.

Mrs. Maxson said...

Oh thanks so much:) You're too sweet!

It was so much fun!