Friday, January 13, 2012

12 Months: A Recap


I can't believe today is your birthday:) It's amazing! We made it! A whole year:) My, how you've grown and changed! It has been so fun to witness! I will write your 12 month letter next week after your party has come and gone! I will also post pictures of the party next week.

Today, I'm going to highlight my favorite pictures from your past 11 letters!!!!

1 Month - I can't even imagine you being this little! It feels like such a blur:) You're just so tiny and you fit right under my chin:) So precious!

2 Months - Your first smile caught on camera! You loved it when I'd rub your lips with your burpcloth and make a funny noise:) You've been smiling ear-to-ear ever since!

3 Months - On your little mat:) You really started getting a personality this month and it was so sweet! You loved being on that and you really started grasping at things!!

4 Months - Your first little mohawk and you absolutely started loving your baths! You would just kick and splash and laugh so much:)

5 Months - Your first baseball game! Sad to say it wasn't a Cardinals...just Miami High School! But, you will be going to a lot of those over the years, so we thought we'd better get you used to it;)

6 Months - Your doctor's appointment when you were sitting up and realizing the paper on the bed! You absolutely loved crinkling it up:)

7 Months - Your first haircut! Since then, you've had 6 more! Daddy does them now, but your hair grows so fast:)

8 Months - Meeting your little cousin, Colt, for the first time! I know he lives so far away, but I hope you have a relationship like I do with my cousins:) I know you will love him!

9 Months - You started crawling! It was just an army crawl at first, but it definitely got you around...sometimes in places you didn't want to be:)

10 Months - Your first Halloween and you pulled up for the first time! You were the cutest little moo cow ever:)

11 Months - You started drinking whole milk and we stopped giving you bottles! You've done amazing with the transition and you now eat all people food! You aren't picky at all:) You will eat anything we give you! Haha:)

12 Months - I took this today at breakfast:) We made you pancakes and you absolutely loved them!

Can't wait to see how you like your party and the cake:) I'm sure I will have lots of stories to tell next week! Hope you liked this walk down memory lane:) It didn't make me tear up at all!!! ;)

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